You Are Light

It's there, with nothing left to give anyone, where I have met you. You...telling me to cry those tears, say those words, be those me's. You say, "You are light," until I remember that I am.

So we do this thing, you and I, where you sit with me patiently...lovingly...while I piece myself back together.

Rearrange, sift.

You tell me I inspire you and you've never seen something so beautiful.

So I'm stronger than ever and brighter than ever and more tender, perceptive, and sure.

Because you see me. Hear me. Lift me. Hold me.

When my closest relationships couldn't continue to love me how I deserved, refused to...You showed up. Guns blazing. Heart pounding. Eyes locked.

We say, "There you are, I've been looking for you."

And suddenly I could care less about making people feel comfortable. I don't need them to be happy about my happiness. I don't have to dull my light...because I'm seen and I'm heard and that's it.