Looking inward, 
I'm so much more awake. 
Today I saw me. 
In your pain, your mistakes.

In your joy. Your fear. Your longing. Your blame. 
The cycles & the ruts. I see me. We're the same.

Are you barely breathing and calling it life? 
Are you doing a lot but not getting it right?

Do you know your purpose? Do you know how to love? 
Do you know who you are? When you're pushed, do you shove?

Who do you become when it's just you and no me? Do the walls come down? Do you soften & release?

You should see what I see. 
All the truth, no more lies. 
Go look at your reflection. Look right into your eyes.

Now repeat after me until you can understand, "I am enough. Yes, YES, I am."