The Risk To Stay Open

The More I open myself up to the world, to others, to myself...

the more risk I am taking.

The risk of hurt, pain, struggle...risking what others might think.

Judgement. Failure. Unworthiness. Danger.

But with this risk comes receiving.

Along with all of the scary and dark things that could destroy me, comes all of the wonderful and light things that make me feel safe.

Truly safe. Love. Acceptance. Fullness. Worthiness.

Victory. Overcoming.

So the thing about openness and risk that goes unnoticed is the fact that without it, we cannot reach wholeness.

We can't ever truly feel the safety we are searching for without exposing our most vulnerable parts.

Because when we close ourselves off to the world, we close ourselves off to all of it.

Safety and wholeness exists only through our risk to be broken.