Love Is...That's Love

Love is gently wiping away my tears the moment they begin to fall from my eyes.

Love is forgetting yourself,

dropping everything when I call out for you.

Love is meeting me in that sad place and not leaving until I'm ready to go too. Love is recognizing the weakness in my voice and catching me before I fall completely. Holding me in the quiet moments and letting me bury my face in your shirt while I cry.

You...staying...and encouraging me to stay as well...there in that intense human experience.

Love is knowing how much life can break a heart and doing everything you can to relieve that burden even just a little.

Love is uplifting.

Love is trusting.

Love is strengthening, empowering and safe.

Love is not always adventurous and happy and successful and progressing.

Sometimes it's still and sad and quiet and dormant.

That's it.

That's love.