Elevate: Men's Connection Group


Hello all!

After the launch of "Elevate: Women's Empowerment Group" and the growth and self-awareness that I've already seen as a result of it. I'm SO excited to announce my next group course specifically designed for men! Please share.

**Space is limited to 6 men.
APPLICATION LINK: https://bit.ly/2HZ2lpN

Relationships can be so confusing.

  • How many times have you started to build a relationship with a woman only to find that she wasn't actually invested?
  • Have you been too afraid to move forward with someone because you don't know how to ask or aren't sure if she's right for you?
  • Do you want a real connection with a romantic partner but can't seem to get it right?
  • Are you jaded by the hurt of a past love and can't let go of it?
  • Do your own self-doubts and negative thought patterns seem to sabotage you? 

If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone. I've had so many men come to me with the same struggles hoping to find ways to overcome them.

This group program was created for you. A female perspective is so important to take into account when learning how to form relationships with women, but so is the perspective of your male peers. Having a group of like-minded men come together, share their struggles and experiences, and be guided toward solutions by me will result in an all-encompassing experience that is game changing. 

This program will teach you:
-Self awareness: Understand your own innate process of choosing a mate.
-Mindfulness: Quickly observe and rise above your self-limiting inner dialogue.
-Resilience: Stay centered and respond easily, no matter the circumstances.
-Authenticity: Act from who you truly are, rather than from your fears and pretense.
-Broaden your awareness: Learn how women find connection.
-New Skill set: Learn how to create a safe context in which others can see and act from their own perspective.
-Growth Mindset: Continually and actively be “coached” by your life and all those in it.

These practices create a reliable path to results.
My personal approach as a Relationship Transition Coach bridges the disciplines of personal transformation, character development, and relationship coaching. My program blends thoughtful presentation, personal reflection, group connection, peer interaction, and practical techniques for skill-building. 

You will gain:
Practical tools
I provide simple tools and everyday practices you can use to immediately apply connection and empowerment principles in your life.

Lifelong skills
I create the space and structured support for you to gain skill in using the tools provided, so you can enjoy their intended benefit.

Tangible results
Out of practicing the tools provided, you will see a set of concrete, tangible, extraordinary outcomes across all areas of your life and relationships.

Why this course?
There is nothing new about the wisdom teachings and connection principles underlying my work. What is unique about this course is that it puts these principles into a practical form you can use, to bridge the gap between your life as it is and as you know it could be.

  • This course will be held online for 1.5 hours each Wednesday at 7pm on Zoom...for a total of 6 weeks (plus a 45 minute online introduction meeting).
  • Total cost for the entire 6 weeks: $375 (payment plan options available).
  • Apply by June 20th, 2018. APPLICATION LINK: 
  • First online meeting is June 27th.
  • For further questions email Leah@liferemade.com

I'm so excited to begin this new journey with you!


Leah Morris