Why We Feel So Bad About Ourselves...

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Love yourself. Enough to take the actions required for your happiness. Enough to cut yourself loose from the drama-filled past. Enough to set a high standard for relationships. Enough to feed your mind and body in a healthy manner. Enough to forgive yourself. Enough to move on.
— Steve Maraboli


We've all been there. In that mindset that just perpetually beats down our self worth. Maybe you're there right now. Maybe you've been there for some time now. You've tried affirmations, self-help books, hobbies, self care, even cleaned up your eating and exercise routine... but you're still stuck secretly hating yourself. Why?

The thing is that our self worth comes down to a freakishly simple equation that no amount of anything I mentioned above can make up for. Although those things are absolutely useful, they're missing the first and most vital step.

Here's the explanation:

When your ideal version of your life matches up (more or less) to your actual life (or the way you perceive your actual life to be...a.k.a. your self image), then you believe yourself to be living in CONGRUENCE with your highest self, your purpose, your best life. This feeling of being in alignment with what you envision as your ideal creates a heightened sense of self worth. You view yourself as fulfilled, accomplished, and successful.

Equation: If Your Ideal Self = Your Self Image, then you believe yourself to be living Congruently... which results in Self Worth.

This is why there is no "one size fits all" remedy to improve your self worth.

  1. You first need to identify your ideal
  2. Then you need to asses where you are currently at. What areas could you improve on? How could you be more compassionate? How could you make more time for family? What's actually important to YOU?
  3. Then begin to take actionable steps toward that vision. You'll find that even in the first small step toward your vision, your self worth will get a little boost. The closer you get, the greater the self worth.
  4. The final thing I need to mention is that this all needs to take place with a heavy layer of SELF COMPASSION. If you aren't where you'd like to be yet, know that these things take effort AND time. What would you tell your best friend if they were beating themselves up? How would you assure them that they are still doing great? How could you put their mind at ease and continue to encourage their journey? Now look yourself in the mirror and say all those things.

If you would like any support to create this vision and move toward it, I am here to help get you there! 

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