Sorry Not Sorry


I'll make this brief. You do not always have to make excuses or reasons for your behavior. Are you one of those people that apologize for everything and don't know why? This list is for you.

20 Things You Should Never Apologize For:

1. Voicing your opinion.

2. Not going out with your friends.

3. Asking for someone to fix a mistake. (restaurants, products, relationships, work, everything.)

4. Not being hungry. Being hungry.

5. Your allergies.

6. Asking for help, support, advice, a shoulder to cry on...

7. Crying. 

8. Taking awhile to respond to a non-urgent text or email.

9. Telling someone that you aren't interested.

10. Someone else’s bad behavior.

11. Taking time off of work to have "me time."

12. Leaving a party early.

13. Telling someone the truth.

14. Not wanting to have sex.

15. Changing your mind.

16. Saying “no.” No explanation or excuse necessary.

17. Asking a question...any question.

18. Being successful.

19. Having a messy house.

20. Wanting more out of life.

10 Things You Totally Should Apologize For:

1. Being mean to people. Many times we are mean to the people in our lives that we are close too. We are mean when we don't feel well. We are mean when we are frustrated. We are mean when we are trying to test someone. Whatever the reason, it's not ok. Own your behavior.

2. Intentionally vague statements that make people worry about you.

3. Sharing your cold/flu with everyone else. Just stay home. It's not worth it.

4. Making a mess at someone else's house. 

5. Interrupting someone.

6. Driving recklessly or cutting someone off. 

7. Cancelling plans last minute.


Own your truth but also own your mistakes. That is all.

What other ways do you overly apologize?? What other ways should you be apologetic?? 

Big love,


Leah MorrisComment