16 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself but Aren't

16 Questions

With January came the prospect of change... We sat down, made resolutions, and then committed to them. So how's that going? If you're rolling your eyes right now you're not alone. Now that it's February and we have come off the spin of the New Year, we're all faced with either continued commitment, disappointment or indifference about the resolutions we made... many of which fizzled out altogether soon after we hit our first obstacle. 

Don't get down on yourself. This isn't a blog about how to stick with those looming resolutions... chances are, the reason you haven't stuck with them is because you don't have all the information you needed for them to take root. There wasn't enough clarity, things were too foggy, so you couldn't see how it was a priority and you moved on with the year.

So what information do you need or even want? The answers come when you ask the right questions.

“we make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers”

― Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Implementing meaningful change in one's life isn't for the "undecided" person. This work is a commitment to continual, deep levels of introspection that brings feelings of purposeful satisfaction and inner peace.

Make room for new perspectives to reveal themselves. This is an opportunity to begin again, to course correct, to change the goal altogether, and to consider all possibilities. Ask naive, wide-eyed questions of yourself or anyone who is doing anything you might be interested in trying. 

The questions below will get you started. I promise you, the discoveries (if you dig deep and are honest with yourself) can lead you to meaningful change and help you adjust your goals to reflect what your priorities really are.

1.   What are my top three core values and how do they apply to my goal?

2.  What do I most often choose to ignore?

3.  If there were any negative consequences, or fears, related to achieving my goal, what might they be?

4.  When I ask the people I most respect to describe the areas I could use most improvement in, what might they be? 

5.  Other than money, what do I need to achieve my goal but I don't have?

6.  If I'm really honest with myself, how strong is my confidence and self-worth?

7.  Are there any relationships that I want to repair or improve? Any toxic, extremely negative people in my life that are keeping me from my growth?

8.  Do I have enough support from friends, family, mentors, and my coach to help me achieve the goals I desire? Am I willing to ask for (and in some cases pay for) the support I need?

9.  Is there anyone with whom I feel angry or resentful? How does it benefit me to hold on to these feelings?

10.  In what areas of life and/or business do I feel most vulnerable?

11.  Deep inside, do I know that there is more than one way to achieve the same outcome, or better?

12.  Might it serve me well to trust people more? Am I overly controlling?

13.  Do I believe that everything must be hard, or that things never go right for me?

14.  What am I most afraid of? Is my worse-case scenario really likely to happen?

15. What is does my ideal version of success look/feel like?

16.  MUST I achieve/have this change in my life? If my answer is yes, am I willing to commit to it?

If you want more information about how these questions are affecting your life and would like to talk to me about it, message me (or email leah@liferemade.com) for a free 30-minute session. Let's figure this out together.

Big love,


Leah Morris