Productive Rest


How do you feel about rest? I've recently been feeling a bit anxious about it because I've associated it with being lazy and nonproductive. Maybe some of you can relate...Like I've been striving to get to a place of peace for so long that when I've actually arrived at a peaceful place I don't know what to do with myself!  It's a pretty hilarious recognition honestly. I'm reminded of a small child when they are so tired that they become irritable but refuse to do the thing that they so obviously need to do...REST. 

So I'll make this blog short.

My perspective has shifted to find joy in the fact that sometimes we're busy growing, striving, pushing and challenging...which is absolutely wonderful and difficult at the same time. However, just as equally wonderful and difficult sometimes is to simply rest, rejuvenate, reassess our direction, celebrate our hard work, and put our lessons learned into practice. The next wave will come, but for now....

it's harvest season...and isn't that just as productive as any of the other steps in this process?? You bet!

In our search for truth and peace, we must remember to embody those very things once they're uncovered. Truth and peace serve us best when we cloak ourselves with them...

Note to self (and I mean me and YOU):You are so full of potential and are on your way to achieving unimaginable things, but make sure you are not so busy chasing the dream that you fail to recognize it once it introduces itself.

BIG love,


Leah Morris