“Whatever opens us is not as important as what it opens.”  -Mark Nepo


I was going through a difficult situation where I knew I wouldn't have the strength to get through it by myself. Leah's program stuck out to me since it wasn't therapy but life coaching. Her sessions are geared towards accomplishing a goal with action plans along the way. My goal was to really discover what values were important to me to help me heal and grow from my current situation. Leah's compassion, understanding and unbiased opinion (from all different point of views) was exactly what I needed at the time to help me heal. Her sessions are via Face Time which makes it much more easier and convenient to meet. Leah's program is definitely an investment that you'll want to make on yourself and for your mental health!

-Thao V.


Leah is life changing. She was the first life coach I spoke to and it was like "true love at first sight" lol…I connected with Leah right away and immediately trusted her after my 1 hour consultation. I noticed significant change in myself after our first session alone. 
Leah's sessions are organized but leaves room for discussions if you have some other pressing concerns. Her approach is the right balance between spoon feeding you advice and guiding you to realize things on your own. Her suggestions and advice are simple and realistic. Each session, she guides you with the utmost respect and always speaking from a place of empathy and good intentions. 
I appreciated how Leah was real and down to earth. She took to heart every one my values and goals. Most importantly,  Leah treated me as an equal, especially as I continued to open up to her with my life challenges. She doesn't play tough love. However, she knows how to say things in a non-intrusive and non-offensive way that made me understand that I was approaching certain things incorrectly. I highly highly highly recommend Leah. If you hire Leah, take notes ! After every session, you will be so mind blown and feeling inspired that it's too much to handle at one time.

-Carleen C.


I met Leah at the perfect time. I was quitting my job, just ending a shitty relationship, moving home, and felt like I had hid rock bottom in life. Her program helped me change my life for the better pretty much from night to day. In just a short six weeks I have gained so much knowledge about who I am as a person and what it is I want in life. Through her excellent coaching and homework assignments I found the person I truly am. It took some serious digging but now I know what I want and where I want to be. Her compassion and continuous encouragement makes it all that much easier. I feel not only did I meet an awesome life coach but a new friend as well. :)

-Natalie J.

Mark Rojas.jpg

I met Leah a few months back as she was leading an "affirmation workshop" in SF - It was perfect timing because I was in a very weird state, as I just got out of a year long intense relationship - I felt an instant connection to her from her compassionate / spiritual energy - As soon as she offered her 6 week strategy sessions, I knew I had to take her up on her offer. It was the best decision i've made in a long time - Over the next few months Leah and I met online and went through several exercises geared toward helping me get clear on my values and how they correspond to my true desires. Based my individual values she wrote up a "life vision" and instructed me to read it daily until i truly embody it -
If you are feeling a bit "stuck" or unsure as to your direction, I highly recommend reaching out to Leah. She will definitely put you on the right track to achieving everything you never knew you could.

- Mark R.


Leah is absolutely amazing. I went to her already having done some work on myself. I was ready for a little more guidance but was unsure what direction I wanted to go in. Leah helped me create a meaningful vision for my life that aligned with my morals, values and passions. She developed a program that challenged me to level up through homework assignments that I was able to put into practice daily through my real life current experiences. What you can expect from Leah is a deep sincere approach to her coaching, she truly cares about everyone's purpose and you can see her passion with every encounter. Her program will help you reach new heights while empowering you to become the person you know is waiting to come out!

- Kellie B.


Elevate group with Leah was a sweet experience where I felt safe and connected.
Under Leah's guidance I felt empowered to advance.
I finished it feeling grateful for being part of a group of such strong and driven women.
Thank you, Leah!

- Aline de O. Green


Leah is a life coach, but in a way that she feels like that friend you wish you had. She listens when you need an ear. She pushes you without you feeling inadequate for being where you are. Leah has wisdom beyond her years but is always learning and growing herself. You will always relate to each other no matter what stage of life you are both in. She is not telling you anything she hasn’t had to tell herself. So you can feel comfort in knowing you will get through anything because she is proof. Even if you don’t know what you need, you will always leave feeling full after a conversation with her. If you are ready to have a life changing moment, look back, and know it’s because one person has come into your life, then you are ready to meet and schedule your first session with Leah.

-Rachael S.

summer brazell.jpg

I found Leah at exactly the right time in my life! Sometimes you lose your way and are in need of some perspective. She is so insightful and really guided me to be able to visualize a clear future for myself, helped me understand my values, and live authentically. She helped me recognize my fears and instincts, to work through them and trust myself. I am so glad I chose to work with Leah and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a nudge in the right direction!

- Summer B.


I thought I knew what was most important in my life. As a working mother of two, life is never without it’s challenges. After a few weeks talking with Leah, and one mini mental breakdown, she was able to quickly change our focus and pinpoint EXACTLY what I needed. She guided me through the thicket of life to the other side of clarity and mental peace. I am truly grateful for my time spent talking with her and will use her tools as I continue to brave my chaotic, but lovely, life.

-Jescalyn V.


"I can't say enough great things about Leah. What a beautiful soul and her wealth of knowledge is beyond her years. In just a short amount of time I began to see light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I feel full of hope, my confidence is back and above all my self worth is back. I didn't just feel like another client, but like I have a friend who has only my best interest at hand. I feel comforted by her words and truly understood. If you are going thru life changes or just needing someone to listen, Leah is your soul food."

-Katie P.


"Since putting Leah's practices to work I've felt more self-assured and empowered in who I am than I ever had been before. Because of her, I've been inspired by the power of boldness and vulnerability in everyday life; she's made personal growth tangible."

-Arianna B


"The level of clarity I now have feels like I've unlocked a part of me I only had glimpses of in my younger years. Thank you Leah for helping me in my chase for the best life possible."

-Kyle L.


"Working with Leah has been a huge relief. I feel more focused than ever and know that my new goals are in total alignment with my purpose."

- Nathan


"Leah! Thank you! You my dear have amazing insights. I can tell when you are coaching that you are listening to every word. You are allowing your instincts to speak to you. I LOVED our session."

- Tasia


"Through this life coaching process, Leah has made me dig deep into my feelings which is something I had always avoided before. Although I always feel like a work in progress, becoming more self-aware and vulnerable has given me a new perspective to view my life with."

-Erin S.


"Leah is such a gem of a person and someone I’m INCREDIBLY thankful I met. I’ve worked with her for four weeks so far and in those short weeks she helped me to find direction and overcome extremely set patterns such as being unable to set boundaries as well as find direction in my work. I always feel so seen and heard by her that it made it easy to not only open up, but really look at what was holding me back. She isn’t just a coach that does the same things with everyone and I truly felt that each session was completely tailored to me."

-Katelyn Huening