Want to experience less self-sabotage, less stress, less second-guessing and more CONFIDENCE, CENTEREDNESS, BALANCE and an expanded capacity to help others? Then this service is for you. I’ve got you. Let’s revitalize you so you can be fully present for yourself and your people.

Includes: 8, 60-minute private custom coaching sessions (1 per week or every other week) with unlimited email and text support, take away tools to further your growth outside of our sessions, and customized “self work” assignments to fit your goals.



(Although this is structured, it isn’t a rigid schedule. Our sessions are flexible depending on your needs to process or move past each step)

Identify What’s Important and Why

We all have a long list of values but do you know which are your top 5? Your Top 3? Why? Create a crystal clear structure for your decision making by prioritizing your values using my tried and true Values Blueprinting exercise.

Detoxifying Gently (Select and simplify)

It’s go time. And that means you’ll be taking stock of recent life until now—the highs and lows, in your life and the world. But it also means actively opening your spirit to change. Letting go… with gratitude. Moving forward can not happen until you are willing to remove what stands in the way.

Setting Goals (What and Why)

It’s time to begin looking ahead to identify what you want to manifest. That includes setting some attainable new goals, and gaining more self-acceptance (“imperfections” and all). Learn to push through boundaries and get past thinking things are too hard.

Finding a Groove (Milestones and Actions to take in everyday life)

Now’s the time to begin laying the foundation for healthier, happy-making patterns. Beginning at the center of it all—daily routine. Creating a realistic goal for your chosen area of improvement, with my guidance. By this point you should also be feeling clear and energized and ready to rebuild.

Building Strength (Course Correction)

You’ll continue to solidify your potent new habits and hit your stride with some personal development exercises. We will look at your progress, what obstacles you are experiencing internally, and figure out ways through them.

Finishing Strong (Review and accountability)

This week, we talk about how you’re feeling in comparison to where we began. With the framework for transformation you’ve established during our 40+ days together, you’re prepared to bring some seriously magical energy into your life, the work you do, and the world we live in. The best part: The lessons are yours to keep and refer back to, whenever you need to renew your commitment to yourself, all year long. In this session we will discuss creating a system for ensuring long-term success.